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Shellbears Angel in Disguise

Welcome to Lucy’s page

Lucy has been living in the background, spending her days lolling in the sun or curled up in her bed with Lace. Lucy was shown when she was young but was retired as she just liked being at home more.

Lucy is a very sweet and happy girl who loves to be with you, dances for attention and has a wicked sense of humour.

We are thrilled that Lucy has had our first Kerris Havanese litter, giving us 5 beautiful, healthy puppies.

She is a wonderful Mum, caring for their every need, making sure none she doesn’t approve of enters the area where she has her babies, but wanting to share them with her family.

Update 2014

Lucy is living the life of a grand Princess in her forever home. Being the first female Havanese for Kerris and the mother of the first Kerris Havanese litter, Lucy holds a special place in our history.

Her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are proving that Lucy brought to our breeding program a strong, healthy line for us to base much of our future breeding on.