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Copernicus – Life’s Adventure

I am thrilled to provide you with an ongoing story of one of our Kerris Havanese puppies – Copernicus.

‘Kipper’ (for short) is owned by a wonderful family in Canberra NSW and has decided to write to me on occasion, regaling all of her stories and antics.

It is with great pleasure that I have permission to share her stories and pictures with you.

Please click on the below links to read about the Adventures of Copernicus:

  1. My New home – January 2016
  2. Life with a new puppy – Me – February 2016
  3. Kipper’s Day in Hospital – April 2016
  4. My New Kitten – April 2016
  5. Princess Copernicus – June 2016
  6. It’s Raining Again! – October 2016
  7. Kipper’s First Birthday – 28 October 2016
  8. Kipper’s 2016 Christmas

By the way, what does Copernicus mean? Here’s how Kipper’s owner explained it to me:

“Copernicus” – “Kipper” for short

I probably need to explain. My husband is an astronomer and we therefore have an interest in Astronomical history. Nicolaus Copernicus was the first person (in the west) to formally suggest that the Sun was the centre of our solar system and the earth and other planets move in circular motion around the sun. Watching our dogs play on the Oval I often think that they move in Copernican motion – round & round in circles!!

Also as soon as I looked at the photos you sent, the sable puppies reminded me of Kipper the Dog – from the children’s story book and as Copernicus is probably rather a mouthful Kipper seemed like a really nice way to shorten it.