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Why I No Longer Accept Visitors to My Home

I share your passion for dogs and then some! I love to talk about my dogs and also for you to meet my dogs. Unfortunately, I have learnt that the reality of having constant visitors to my home and property, other than for puppy pick-ups, is just not realistic for the optimal wellbeing of my dogs.


To date most of my doggy visitors have all been lovely. This isn’t always the case though as breeders are easy targets for thieves. It isn’t possible to be home 24/7 and over time the more people that come and go from my property the more at risk my dogs are. Due to unusual activity I have had to install a number of security measures. This has been very unsettling and I really do have to put the safety of my animals front and centre when making decisions about visitors to my home.

Health risks

Unfortunately, diseases like Parvovirus can be tracked in by car tyres, paws and shoes. This virus is deadly to puppies and near impossible to rid a property of once contaminated. Parvovirus is virulent in Australia and probably the biggest risk to my dogs health and also the viability of my property. I also have to be mindful of potential physical accidents people may have on my property.


The reality is that caring for grown dogs and puppies is very time consuming, and often around the clock. I have schedules for grooming, feeding, socialising, cleaning, exercise, training and, of course, cleaning. Did I mention cleaning? When I host visitors this routine is lost and much time is spent on the surface getting everything looking ship shape, just like most of us do when one has new visitors to our home. I have a large property and it is important I am focused on caring for my dogs and raising healthy puppies, not maintaining an overly presentable home for puppy visits.

Thank you for your understanding.