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Who is Alpha?

On your lap is a bundle of warm fur that slowly works its way up to nuzzle into your neck.
You accept this love from your puppy and snuggle it in for more.

Slowly but surely, without you being aware of it, the little legs squirm their way higher, on to your shoulder. As you are sitting on your chair you aren’t concerned that the pup will fall so you allow him to climb higher until finally he is sitting on the back of your chair very much higher than your head.

In the world of the dog, this puppy is now in the position of Alpha and from here he can command and dominate all who comes below him.
From this small action of allowing a puppy to dictate its placement you have submitted to the new Pack Leader.
From here all your puppy bad behaviour will stem.

So, in order to be the Alpha in your dog’s eyes he must

* never be taller than any human
* never be allowed on to your lap unless invited
* never be admitted to the Alpha’s den – your bed
* never be fed at the table, always from his own bowl away from the        human eating area

Puppies and dogs need a strong, consistent Alpha to learn from and respect. You, the human family are the Alpha who will teach your puppy manners, obedience and its very own place – on the ground on all four feet.