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Australian Champion Cubet Silent Assassin

Welcome to Jordan’s page

Jordan is a clown and finds all sorts of ways to make you laugh. He will stand on his back legs and wave at you with both front paws, asking for your attention, even when he has done something he knows he should not have done. One must be strong to ensure you don’t let this beguiling breed get away with too much otherwise you could have a cute but misbehaving pup on your hands.

The other side of Jordan is as an ‘Alarm Dog’. This simply means he misses nothing in and around his yard and humans, and is the first to let you know that something is not quite right. If anything is happening out of the usual, Jordan is the first to let you know.

To know more about Jordan’s show career, pop into his Show Page to see how he is going. Jordan loves the show ring, loves the attention from the Judges and from anyone he comes in contact with.

He is a delight to handle in the ring and makes me very proud when he trys his utmost to be the best he can be. His show career has been outstanding to date and I expect we will see even better and bigger things as he matures.

Jordan gained his Australian Championship title with over 250 points at just 12 months of age.


Due to a white tailed spider bite in April 2011, Jordan has not been able to be shown. He has now recovered and once his coat has grown out fully he will be back in the show ring. In the meantime he is loving being a pet at home

2014 Update

Jordan is now living in his forever home, being a lapdog, an alert dog and is very much loved.

Whilst he will live on here in his children, he will be missed greatly. Jordan is a one off dog, the foundation for Kerris Havanese and my special boy.