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Little Dog Lost

The alert went out – Havanese missing!

As the rain poured from the skies, Yvonne loaded Fame into her crate and off they travelled to the last known sighting of what could only be a very frightened Havanese.

Driving the streets, talking to locals, Yvonne was given an idea of where this dog might be but no matter how hard she looked, no dog was seen.

Finally, with Fame now having to have a walk and stretch Yvonne placed her on lead and went for a stroll. Fame, being one very well trained dog, amongst her many talents, can ‘speak ‘on command, so with some chicken as her incentive, Fame was asked to speak as loud as she could. Maybe just maybe her voice might bring in the lost soul.

From the corner of her eye, Yvonne spotted a very sad, hungry, sopping Havanese watching her longingly from a distance. Fame, using her very best voice enticed closer and closer the Havanese until finally, they were sharing some chicken pieces. Trust for Yvonne took a little longer but finally the lost Havanese was safely cradled into Yvonne’s arms being assured she was safe and out of harm.

The lost Havanese was returned to her very relieved and thankful Breeder.

Well done Fame and Yvonne.

Fame – Australian Champion Kerris Twist O Fame CD

very wet and bedraggled after her successful mission

Do dogs speak to each other?
Do different breeds have their own language?

In my opinion and having seen for myself, yes they do. They speak to each other and play the same games; they speak to us and play our games. They adapt to what we need from them but if left alone to be dogs, they will instinctively play and communicate in their own way, each understanding, each taking turns to lead then follow.

What a lot we have to learn about these wonderful creatures who choose to be our companions.