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WHATA litter


Havana with her new family living in Canberra, ACT. Luckily the Havanese love the cold!


Louie and Viv having their first cuddle.
Thankyou Kerry for breeding such a beautiful little Havanese .

He is adorable and I’m so in love with him already .

He is perfection , I am so blessed to have adopted the finest bred Havanese in Australia .

Looking forward to watching this little fluffy pup experience the world . Kerry your dedication to breeding only the best and your wealth of information that you have shared with me have made adopting Louie a lovely experience .

Words cannot describe the gratitude I feel to you for allowing me to love and care for Louie .

Caio .

Vivienne, VIctoria.


Mieko has taken over Andreana and Miya’s (Havanese) home. He has moved in with total confidence and has settled in very well in QLD.