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PARTI litter

“Sophie and Tilly”

Sophie has joined Kerrie and Ian in Victoria. Having one Havanese was not enough,

so Tilly joined the family as well.

Hi Kerry, We just wanted to say thank you again for allowing us the privilege of having one of your dearly loved grandfurbabies!! We love our Sophie so very much, she has been every thing you said she would be, absolutely delightful, so full of fun and mischief, and has fitted into our family beautifully. We are thrilled, she is perfect !
Congratulations on breeding such a fine Havanese. Our Vet was very impressed and wanted us to pass on his congratulations to you on breeding such a fine puppy.
Thank you too for being so generous with your time and energy in not only advising us in the initial stages and lead up to our decision to become Havanese owners but also being on the other end of the phone for a few queries once we have bought her home. We have greatly valued your “Havanese” advice and wisdom, it has been most welcome and very much appreciated.


Charlie with his new family in QLD.