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IMPRESS litter


Ollie went to live with Mila from the NoAngel litter because her family found living with a Havanese was an amazing and wonderful experience. Below is an account of having Ollie in the family…..

Ollie is our naughty child, when we are not saying OLLIE in a stern voice, he is affectionately known as the PEST. Where is the PEST now, what is THE PEST doing now, what is the PEST chewing on this time, are you sensing a theme here. If there is trouble to be found Ollie will be right in the middle of it and unashamedly so.

Ollie loves attention and makes sure he gets his share, in fact more than his fair share and if he is not getting it he tells us, barking and yapping until we stop and acknowledge him, In his first few weeks that was his way of telling us to wake up, the sun was up, he was up and we needed to be up as well and there was no getting off because he just kept BARKING until someone, ANYONE responded. Thank GOD that’s now settled down and he just runs excitedly around us when we do get up with a squeaky toy firmly held in his mouth.

So how does Mila feel, well its love hate love relationship, she mothers Ollie and plays constantly with him and at the end of every day cleans his face, he in turn searches for her, sleeps on top of her and licks her right back, ok so that the love bit, on the hate side, well he bites her ears and back legs constantly, causing her to growl at him, he lays on her when she just want some peace, causing her to growl and she’s not fussed at eating near him, in fact she will walk away from her food if he comes near (causing her to get a new nick name – fussy cow)but she never goes too long without searching him out, so back to the love again.

You were right, Ollie is definitely a strong willed pup and pushes our buttons constantly but he is now an integral part of our family and brings a smile to all of our faces as he runs around with his tail wagging constantly, we laugh, chase, smile and laugh again at his antics and finally all give a sigh of relief when he finally falls asleep.