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A Life With Dogs

My name is Kerry and I have lived with dogs (and cats) all of my life.

Kerris is my prefix for all pedigree Havanese dogs I breed.

I became so involved with everything dogs that I completed many training courses and qualifications to be able to work within the world of dogs and am constantly updating my knowledge of their diet, training, how they think and how I become a better owner.

I plan to share with you, over time, many of my experiences, knowledge and stories about these wonderful companions that share my life every day.

But why would you be interested in my stories?

  • I am passionate about dogs

  • I am focused on the way they should be fed

  • I am conscious of the use of chemicals in their life

  • I am concerned about the overuse of vaccinations

  • I am an Obedience Instructor and love to train dogs

  • I am one of the lucky humans who lives with dogs in their life

I have owned a number of different dog breeds and trained more than I can count of pedigree and crossed dogs. Whilst I breed and own Havanese I also own Sth African Boerboels, large, protective, loving dogs. The training and learning process is different for every dog of every breed and my challenge is to find the right triggers for each dog so they understand what I want from them.

Please share with me the Kerris Journey as we meander along the path of living with and learning more about the wonderful companions who grace our lives with joy, love, humour and companionship found nowhere else.